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CSX Intermodal picks Motive over Omnitracs.


Jacksonville, FL


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Meet CSX Intermodal

CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc., (CSX) based in Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the nation’s leading intermodal terminal operators, providing rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transloading services. The company operates 40 terminals across the eastern United States and Canada.

Evaluating the options


CSX Intermodal was an early adopter of Electronic Logging Devices and had used Omnitracs XRS for years. CSX had been experiencing usability and data issues and decided to see what the modern ELD market had to offer.


CSX wanted an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, reliable solution that would work in all its trucks, even the ones that weren’t mandated.


After closely evaluating Transflo, J.J. Keller, and Motive, the choice was clear.


CSX chose Motive for the simplicity and the fact that it worked in every truck in its fleet and on all its owner-operator’s smartphones.



Listening to what employees think


The driver’s opinion matters to CSX. And its drivers had only good things to say about their experiences with Motive.


“Our drivers like the Motive system a lot better. Our old ELD kept kicking the drivers out and causing frustration. Motive has been a lot simpler for them to use,” said Matt Myers, Fleet Supervisor at CSX. Myers also stressed that training drivers has become a breeze and that they pick it up right away.


According to Myers, the compliance department is also much happier with Motive. “Our compliance department loves Motive,” shares Myers. “The ease of pulling reports and performing searches is a huge time saver. Flowing between screens and actions is just very smooth.”



Getting first-class support


Arguably, the biggest change for CSX when it comes to its previous ELD provider has been the customer support. In the past, Myers recalls calling the support number and having to follow up again after three days. But with Motive, Myers gets a different experience.


“With Motive, I get through to a person right away. Our drivers have also been impressed with the support. If they have a question, they get an answer within five minutes,” says Myers.


When asked to describe his experience with Motive in one sentence, Myers concluded that “Motive has great customer service, is very user-friendly, and is easy to pick up and run with.”



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