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Carolina Logistic chose an ELD and partner it could trust.


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Meet Carolina Logistic

Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Carolina Logistic helps its customers maximize savings on transportation costs by eliminating the middle man with its own brokerage department and its own fleet of trucks. The company moves freight nationwide and in Canada. And it offers custom pricing, freight consolidation, and freight price analysis services.


Back before the ELD mandate was in place, Carolina Logistics wanted to get ahead of the competition. So the company started its search for the right ELD before it even needed to.

Picking an ELD


“Transflo/Geotab looked great at first, but when rolling out the solution to our drivers, we had issues with the mobile application. The app had some kinks and since the mandate was approaching quickly, we felt that we needed to find a solution we were more confident in,” said Operations Director Jacob Hoover. That prompted Carolina Logistic to re-evaluate its ELD options.



Going back to the drawing board


When re-evaluating ELDs, Carolina Logistic was looking for an easy-to-use and reliable mobile application with excellent customer support.

When taking a closer look at the Motive ELD, it was clear that it delivered on both points.



Making drivers happy


According to Operations Director Jerry Litvinchuk, Motive has been a hit with his drivers:

“One of the key reasons we went with Motive is the simplicity of the driver app. Our drivers find it much easier to use than Transflo.”


Getting great support


Like many carriers, Carolina Logistic’s business never stops. Jacob stressed the importance of customer service to its operations:

“Our trucks run as often at 1 AM as they do at 1 PM. It’s important that if a driver has an issue at 2 AM, it’ll be addressed ASAP. 24/7 support that resolves issues quickly is critical,”said Jacob

Carolina Logistic had a clever method to test the support quality offered by different ELD vendors:

“When we were re-evaluating ELDs, I called into a bunch of different vendors support lines and started asking tough questions. Motive’s support was the easiest to reach and the most knowledgeable,” said Jerry.


Rolling out Motive


When discussing the complexity of change in transportation, Jacob put it perfectly:

“If you manufacture furniture and want to overhaul the technology, you shut down for two weeks, train and implement, and restart production afterwards. You can raise the prices 10% for the next few weeks to subsidize the lost revenue.

In trucking, that isn’t an option. We have to transition while moving full speed, implement all policies and procedures while the machine is running, and hope we don’t get our finger chopped off. Motive was a good partner in helping us transition smoothly.

Working with Motive has been a pleasant experience. We’d highly recommend them. They know what they’re doing.”

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