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Meet BEST Transportation

As St. Louis’ premier ground transportation provider, BEST Transportation provides top notch service to businesses, convention travelers, weddings, social events, and more. Founded in 2002, BEST’s core business is in the St. Louis area and surrounding states. But the company can also arrange chauffeured services worldwide. The organization’s innovative approach to the industry has allowed it to branch out into other areas of ground transportation while still holding true to its limousine company roots.

Automatic, real-time log auditing


Before adopting Motive, Angle Blake, Quality Assurance and Compliance Assistant at BEST, had to badger her chauffeurs about turning in their paper logs on time. Informing a chauffeur of an hours of service (HOS) violation would take weeks after the violation took place because logs had to be collected and scanned manually.


In early 2014, BEST Transportation switched the entire fleet of chauffeurs away from paper logs to electronic and automated logs in Motive. “Because we handle the transportation needs for some high-profile companies, maintaining a strong safety record is always a top priority,” says Blake, the one at BEST who discovered the Motive app. “Motive helps us do that by giving us access to our chauffeurs’ up-to-the-minute logs all from our desktop.”



Easy-to-use, reliable driver app


Blake isn’t the only one at BEST Transportation that finds Motive helpful. Her chauffeurs have grown to love the Motive app.


With the app’s simple interface, automatic violation detection, and bundled inspection reports, chauffeurs can spend half the time filling out logs. That means more time on the road making money. The BEST Transportation’s scheduler also accesses the web dashboard to view chauffeurs’ available hours, so they can determine which chauffeurs can be assigned jobs while still staying compliant.



Stellar DOT audits


With Motive, BEST Transportation has maintained its exceptional local reputation that has earned the company countless awards and the business of several national and global corporations headquartered in St. Louis. Motive allows BEST’s chauffeurs to spend more time on the road and frees up the compliance staff to work on other projects, all while reducing the company’s overhead.


“We passed our last DOT audit with flying colors,” celebrates Blake. “They didn’t say anything about our logs. And trust me, that’s a good thing! The decision to use Motive in our operations has helped us live up to the reputation we’ve spent three generations building. I just can’t say enough good things about it.”


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