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ARL Transport trusts Motive to protect drivers and the business.


Moon Township, PA


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Meet ARL Transport

ARL Transport LLC is one of the largest intermodal drayage companies in the United States and Canada, located in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. ARL is proud to be an Independent Terminal Agent-operated and Independent Business Entity (IBE) driven company that operates with strong family values and ethics, stemming from founders R.J. and Ron K. Faherty

A growing business needs a scalable safety solution


In 1978, ARL began in the midst of an exciting moment for transportation and logistics entrepreneurship. Government licensing restrictions, which had restricted intrastate and interstate transportation, were removed. So drivers could become independent terminal agents within a free-market environment. Faherty’s father, R.J., saw an opportunity. He realized that many of these entrepreneurs needed back office and operations support. So he created ARL.


When fleet managers or terminal agents join the ARL network, they gain access to a robust computer platform, transportation insurance coverage, safety and permitting assistance, billing and banking support, fueling programs, and more. For many of these business owners, it’s not easy to carry the full costs and responsibility of working in logistics. “ARL supports them by collecting their invoices, paying their owner-operators, and providing them with service tools and new business opportunities,” explains Faherty.


As ARL and the industry continue to evolve, Faherty wanted a safety solution that could scale alongside his business while empowering owner-operators to increase savings and improve safety. “We chose Motive about five years ago,” begins Faherty. “We saw early on that Motive was committed to constantly improving their products. That’s why we switched. And just a year ago we reevaluated Motive against six of its competitors. We still chose Motive.”

How Motive drives ARL forward

ARL trusts Motive’s dash cams and ELDs to support the network’s drivers. The partnership has already made significant differences for members.


Faherty adopted Motive’s Smart Dashcam into the entire ARL network of vehicles. At first, the road-facing camera didn’t appeal to some drivers. But with proper safety education and some key exonerations already taking place, drivers quickly understood why it was better for them to have video technology. The dash cam acts as a key eyewitness that can reduce owner-operators’ liability.


Data collected by the Motive ELDs and dash cams informs drivers of how they can improve their driving habits and behaviors. Events like hard braking, acceleration, and unnecessary lane changes are noted so managers can tailor coaching programs and drivers can increase safety.


“We’re getting the analytics and telematics out of the ELD, and we’re using that as a predictive indicator of that individual’s driving habits. So if we need to step in, we can. I call Motive Galileo. Because it’s built upon mathematics and analytics that help us get in front of accidents before they happen,” concludes Faherty.

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