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Smart dash cams ensure safety for 10-4 Alliance.


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Meet 10-4 Alliance

10-4 Alliance is an interstate freight carrier operating out of St. Joseph, Michigan. 10-4 has 80 vehicles in operation, hauling dry and refrigerated goods. 10-4 Alliance has a demonstrated commitment to safety and to providing excellent service to its customers.

Needing an updated safety solution


The unpredictability of the road is a constant concern for Peter Griskonis, Dispatching & Safety Manager at 10-4 Alliance. In order to ensure the company is operating as safely as possible, Griskonis decided he needed Motive’s dual-facing smart Dash cams installed in 10-4’s vehicles.


“The number one reason I got dash cams was for safety. Anytime you have an accident, you want to see some kind of proof and understand what happened,” says Griskonis.



Catching accidents on camera


At any given time, 10-4’s 80 vehicles are on the road hauling dry and refrigerated goods to its customers. Griskonis feels strongly about having video footage available at a moment’s notice, and a recent incident proved his stance valid. “A flatbed truck merged into my driver’s lane and almost ran our driver off the road. Our guy ended up driving into a ditch,” recalls Griskonis.


10-4’s driver was shaken up but wasn’t hurt and the vehicle was intact, “but we still had to get him towed out.” To make matters worse, the other driver fled the scene.


The video captured a portion of the other driver’s truck, including the company logo. After doing an Internet search and asking 10-4’s other employees if they were familiar with the logo, the other driver and company were quickly identified.


10-4 then filed a police report. “Without the camera, it would’ve been impossible to track [the other driver] down,” says Griskonis. Resolving this incident meant 10-4 avoided a potential insurance rate increase in the future and a blemish on the company’s accident record.


Griskonis also sent the video footage to his insurance company, which resulted in a $700 reimbursement for the cost of towing. Additionally, 10-4 received a discount on its insurance after Griskonis informed the insurance company about the dash cams.



Buying into a safety culture


When 10-4 first installed the Motive smart dash cams in its vehicles, Griskonis explained to drivers and employees that it was for their safety. “Accidents and fatalities are important for me to tell the drivers about. Without dash cams, you won’t have insight into what happened,” says Griskonis.


Even with 10-4’s most seasoned drivers, Griskonis points out, “You can have the best driver in the world, but someone else can cut him off or crash into him.”


Taking extra precautions to be safe may result in lower CSA scores, fewer points added to an employee’s driving record, and better insurance rates.


Dash cams can also be used to reward great drivers, recognize improved driving behaviors, and strengthen a culture of safety.



Saving big with smart dash cams


Sometimes, when a load is delivered to a customer, the items in the trailer may have shifted or arrived damaged. Because of this, brokers often receive complaints from shippers or receivers.


Griskonis knows loads can easily shift when a driver slams on the brakes, so he keeps a close eye on safety events tracked by Motive. Whenever a load shifted, 10-4 simply pulled the video to show the broker exactly what happened and why.


“It’s helpful to see why or how this happened,” explains Griskonis.


10-4 can quickly understand if the company is liable for the damaged goods delivered.


It’s difficult to put an exact dollar figure behind how much money 10-4 Alliance saved since installing dash cams a few years ago. However, Griskonis rationalizes that the ability to avoid claims that would have otherwise escalated and to mitigate them quickly is a game changer.


“If something happens on the road and the load inside the trailer shifted, you’d get a claim. Just to give you an idea, this could be anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000,” notes Griskonis.


Griskonis believes the towing incident was just one instance of the business receiving a return on investment for smart dash cams, saying, “It’s already paid for itself. The one time you have an accident, the camera will be necessary. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything.”



Improving driver habits with better coaching


To prevent harsh braking events and damaged goods in the trailer, Griskonis coaches his drivers whenever this happens. Drivers are often hauling 80,000 pounds worth of loads which requires focus and complete attention to the road. “We want to make sure drivers are off their cell phones, and having a dual-facing dash cam helps a lot,” concludes Griskonis.


Motive’s dual-facing dash cams annotate in real time if drivers are distracted, not properly wearing seat belts, or are generally distracted. All of these measures help create a foundation for providing feedback on driver performance and safety.



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