With defensive driving skills and the help of safety technology, commercial drivers can avoid accidents and safeguard lives. Our roundup of safety content shows the powerful impact that safer habits can have on fleets and drivers.

Video-based driver coaching can help commercial fleets stay one step ahead of accidents. But how can you do it well? Here are five keys to effective coaching.

When the COVID-19 shutdown ended, traffic congestion returned. So did speeding and tailgating. The result was a sharp rise in motor vehicle deaths. As aggressive behaviors continue in 2022, encourage commercial drivers to protect themselves with six defensive driving tips from the National Safety Council.

The pandemic redefined what a strong safety culture looks like. With risk rising on roads throughout the country, perhaps it’s time to give your safety culture another look.

Here are six essential components for inspiration. 

Having a bad day is one thing. Having a bad day behind the steering wheel is another. When tempers flare on the road, safety incidents can escalate too. That’s why it’s crucial for fleet safety managers to know what counts as aggressive driving and how to prevent it. Read on to find out.