Compliance is complex, regulations are ever-changing, violations are costly, and unsafe incidents can hurt your bottom line. So what’s the key to compliance management? Proactively identifying and avoiding issues before they happen.

The new Motive compliance management suite helps fleets proactively prevent violations, lower costs, and keep drivers safe.

On December 1, Motive hosted a webinar about the new compliance management suite. Featuring insights from Motive product experts Cindy Li and Abhishek Gupta, the webinar informed listeners how to:

  • Minimize violations with Motive’s Compliance Hub + Fleet App
  • Automate workflows with Smart Trip Match
  • Reduce future risk with CSA Insights + DRIVE risk score
  • Discover how to reduce HOS violations and time spent on compliance tasks by up to 50%

“Today, single violations can cost up to $33,000, which can significantly impact your bottom line,” Gupta told the audience. “A vehicle out of rotation can cost your business up to $800 in lost revenue per day. Insurance costs are often cited as one of the primary reasons a fleet goes out of business, and those costs are expected to climb by 25% in the next few years. Taking a proactive approach to compliance management is the key to avoiding skyrocketing costs and violations that can put your drivers, and your fleet, out of service.”

Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn how the Motive compliance management suite can help you proactively avoid compliance violations and lower costs.