Although short-haul drivers, who fulfill certain requirements, are exempt from the ELD mandate, the Trucking Alliance is urging lawmakers to mandate electronic logging devices for intrastate CMVs.

Talking to HDT, Lane Kidd, the managing director of the coalition of transportation companies, said:

“Since Congress required electronic logging devices in all interstate commercial trucks to monitor the hours that truck drivers spend behind the wheel, violations are down dramatically. Truck drivers no longer have paper log books to manipulate and falsify. State legislatures should consider doing what Congress has done, and require all large trucks to install these devices to make sure drivers are obeying the law,”

He also added that “electronic logging devices should be as common in large trucks as seat belts are.”

The new policy statement isn’t a surprise, considering that the Trucking Alliance has been advocating the installation of electronic logging devices in commercial motor vehicles since 2010.

According to the policy statement, the Trucking Alliance is not only encouraging the FMCSA to increase its authority and mandate ELDs in all interstate commercial vehicles, but it is also urging state legislatures to require ELDs in all CMVs that operate exclusively within their state.

The impact of the ELD mandate

The ELD mandate was introduced to enforce hours-of-service compliance and improve road safety.

Based on the data that the FMCSA released last month, hours-of-service compliance has improved significantly after the implementation of the ELD mandate. Before the ELD mandate, in July 2017, up to 1.36% of drivers inspections had at least one hours-of-service violation. In comparison, the hours-of-service violation ratio has dropped to 0.83% in May 2018. That’s just one month after the full enforcement of the ELD mandate.

The benefits of electronic logging devices

Apart from compliance, electronic logging devices also have several other benefits. For example, ELDs can help reduce paperwork, promote automation and accuracy, minimize operational cost, provide access to valuable data and insights, improve road safety, increase profitability, and more.

For more information about the various benefits of electronic logging devices, read 12 ELD benefits beyond compliance.

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