National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has recently requested from the FMCSA an exemption from the ELD mandate.

NECA represents a group of 4,000 members who install, repair, and maintain the infrastructure of electrical utilities. These drivers do not always meet the ELD mandate requirements. But they do occasionally exceed the minimum requirements of the ELD rule. So, they need to be compliant with electronic logging devices.

According to NECA, the operation of the drivers who would be covered under the ELD mandate exemption “is so limited that the ELD requirement is triggered infrequently.”

NECA also states that ELD requirements are rarely triggered by its members because driving the commercial utility vehicle is a secondary responsibility for them. Most of their time is spent doing other job-related tasks.

The notice has been published in the Federal Register by the FMCSA.

NECA also believes that if the ELD exemption is not granted, it would be “cumbersome” for its members to afford the cost of the ELD mandate. So the group assures that its drivers would maintain paper logs to record hours-of-service if the ELD exemption is granted.