Democrats on the House Small Business Committee have extended their support to the FMCSA’s ELD mandate. The final ELD rule is all set to take effect on December 18, 2017, which requires non-exempt truckers to install compliant electronic logging devices in their vehicles.

Rep. Alma Adams said, “It seems to me it’s just a change from paper to something else. Everything is kind of moving toward computers and technology.”

She also highlighted the fact that drivers are expected to save up to 20 hours annually with electronic logging devices, as per the FMCSA’s estimates. As ELDs eliminate the need for manually filling paper logs, drivers will be left with more time to drive.

Judy Chu, Adam’s colleague on the panel, also supported the ELD mandate and spoke against delaying the implementation date. Chu said, “I would certainly like to express my concern about any delay in implementation of this rule.”

In the past, there have been several attempts to delay the ELD mandate by OOIDA. But all those attempts were in vain.

On the other hand, Collin Stewart, President of Phoenix-based Stewart Transport Inc., spoke on behalf of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). He criticized the groups who want to delay the ELD mandate implementation date. He also reminded everyone that the ELD mandate isn’t changing any of the hours-of-service regulations. “Opponents of the ELD rule claim that the use of ELDs will make them less safe by eliminating the flexibility they have by using paper logs. It is important to point out, as federal regulators have, that nothing in the ELD rule changes the current hours-of-service limits.”

He further added, “Drivers who claim that ELDs remove their discretion in deciding when to take a break or when to drive either don’t understand how the current rules are structured or are willfully ignoring them.”

About the ELD mandate

The ELD mandate is a federal rule published by the FMCSA that requires all non-exempt CMV drivers to install FMCSA-registered electronic logging devices. The ELD mandate applies to most commercial drivers. But there are also some exceptions.

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Are you compliant?

The ELD mandate compliance deadline is just around the corner. If you haven’t installed electronic logging devices yet, safety inspectors will cite and fine you from December 18, 2017 onward.

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