The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recently released the results of the 2018 International Roadcheck. During the three-day event, 67,502 inspections were conducted throughout Canada and the United States of America. A total of 60,321 inspections were conducted in the United States. And 7,181 were done in Canada.

Every year, CVSA-certified inspectors are stationed at roadside inspection sites, weigh stations, and roving patrol locations to watch out for violations. For International Roadcheck 2018, the special focus was on hours-of-service compliance.

A breakdown of the different levels of inspections

During the 72-hour inspection blitz, safety inspectors identified 2,664 drivers and 11,897 commercial vehicles with out-of-service conditions.

The CVSA conducted North American Standard Level I, II, and III inspections for the International Roadcheck event.

A Level I inspection follows a 37-step procedure during which the safety inspector examines the driver and the vehicle. It is considered one of the most thorough levels of roadside inspection. Level II inspections are walk-around vehicle and driver inspections. Level III inspections, on the other hand, focus on the driver’s credentials and carrier information.

During Roadcheck International 2018, 45,400 of the 67,502 inspections were classified as Level I inspections. Of the 67,502 roadside inspections, 11,458 were Level II inspections while 10,644 were Level III.

Key results of the CVSA International Roadcheck 2018

Of all the Level I inspections, 21.6% of commercial vehicles were rendered out of service. This is significantly more than the 3.9% of drivers who were placed out of service during Level I, II, and III inspections combined.

These translate to 15,981 commercial vehicles and 3,035 drivers in total.

Below are the top violations for out-of-service vehicles and drivers:

  • Vehicle brake systems (4,536)
  • Tires and wheels (3,058)
  • Brake adjustment (2,612)
  • HOS violations (1,326)
  • Wrong or invalid license (648)
  • False RODS (308)

The CVSA personnel also inspected 736 motorcoaches for driver and vehicle-related violations. Of which, 1.4% of drivers and 9.4% of vehicles were put out of service.

Lastly, the CVSA also identified 211 hazardous materials/dangerous goods with out-of-service conditions. Vehicles that carried HM/DG had an out-of-service rate of 13.1%.


This year’s International Roadcheck was the perfect opportunity to underline the importance of hours-of-service compliance. Especially considering that the ELD mandate is now in full effect.

Even though hours-of-service violations account for 43.7% of out-of-service drivers, keep in mind that this only reflects less than 2% of all drivers who were subjected to the International Roadcheck inspection. Last year, the International Roadcheck concluded with 23% and 4.2% out-of-service rates for vehicles and drivers, respectively.

The use of FMCSA-registered electronic logging solutions may have an impact on hours-of-service compliance rates. According to the FMCSA data, hours-of-service violations are down roughly by half ever since the ELD mandate went into effect.

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