An amendment that was introduced by the U.S. Representative Brian Babin in July 2017 has been voted down by the Congress late Wednesday night.

The amendment that Brian Babin introduced would have restricted funding for the United States Department of Transportation (DoT) to enforce the ELD mandate at least until September 30, 2018. Lawmakers voted 246-173 against the amendment, which means it will not be added to the bill now.

According to the Office of the Clerk, “The chair put the question on adoption of the amendment [to the members] and by voice vote announced that the noes had prevailed.”

Although OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association) was in favor of delaying the ELD mandate, most trucking groups were against any amendment. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) was one of those groups that were very vocal against delaying the electronic logging device mandate.

In a statement about ELD mandate, Chris Spear, who is ATA’s President and CEO, said:

“ATA has supported, and will support, this important regulation.”

He further shed some light on the future of the ELD mandate by saying, “Congress has now voted a fourth time to move forward with electronic logging of the existing hours of service information required for decades. Make no mistake, the time for debate about electronic logging is over, and we are pleased that Congress has rejected this ill-conceived effort to delay their implementation. [The] vote should end what is left of this debate so our industry can carry on with the business of complying with this regulation.”

Brian Babin filed a standalone bill in the House to delay the electronic logging device mandate’s enforcement date by two years, until December 2019. Although that bill has 45 co-sponsors, it has seen no action. Furthermore, Congress’ decision to repeal any amendment attempt in the ELD mandate enforcement date is a clear sign that lawmakers are unwilling to change anything at this point.

Other than changes related to the ELD mandate, the House appropriations bill does include some other trucking-related changes. Those changes include:

  • A one-year ELD mandate compliance delay for livestock haulers.
  • A provision that prohibits states from enacting paid break laws for drivers.
  • A provision that prohibits the FMCSA to work on SFD (Safety Fitness Determination) rulemaking until it has successfully overhauled its CSA program.

Although the House has not voted on the bill itself, it is important to recall that the Senate version of the same bill does not include any of these provisions.

At the moment, it is unclear which bill will prevail.

What’s next?

As we have mentioned several times in the past, the ELD mandate implementation deadline is not going to change.

If you haven’t installed ELDs yet, you are already late. The ELD implementation process can be time-consuming and requires in-depth research, arranging ELD training sessions for drivers and fleet managers, and getting accustomed to it.

Start your compliance process now by selecting the right ELD solution. Industry experts believe that there would be an ELD supply shortage near the deadline. Make sure that you are fully prepared before that happens.

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