The ELD mandate is less than four months away now. But hundreds of fleets are implementing ELDs ahead of the deadline.


There are several reasons to install ELDs well ahead of the deadline. Installing ELDs now, instead of waiting for the last moment, will have numerous benefits:

  • Reduced cost of operations. Save thousands of dollars in reduced paperwork, repetitive administrative tasks, and IFTA calculations with ELDs.
  • Valuable ELD data. Dive into valuable data such as vehicle idle time, driver scorecards, and vehicle diagnostics for better fleet management. 
  • ELD training. By implementing ELDs now, you can arrange multiple ELD training sessions for drivers and fleet managers.
  • Lock in low ELD prices. As the deadline gets closer, ELD prices are expected to rise. You can lock in low ELD prices by installing ELDs now.
  • Get ahead of competitors. Implement ELDs now to streamline operations, minimize cost, and maximize profits. Get ahead of competitors who aren’t using ELDs.

Additionally, there is also a huge possibility of an ELD supply shortage as the implementation deadline grows closer.

For a more in-depth study, read 6 reasons to start the ELD implementation process right now. And here is The ultimate checklist for ELD implementation to help you get through the ELD installation process.

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